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Damiano Unique Austin professionally known as Damiano Unique is an American vocal artist, record producer, and entrepreneur.  Born  in New Town AL, an economically troubled & disadvantaged neighborhood on the city’s north side, Damiano was attracted to the arts at an early age. After participating six consecutive years in her middle & high school band's, she went on to attend  college on a partial music scholarship. Discovering her creative gifts and vocal talent was just the first step in preparation to release her newest single "BIG STEPPER" which was written & produced by the soft spoken, eccentric artist.  Scheduled to release her debut studio album "PURPPL"  on 12/22/22, it seems that "BIG STEPPER" is a not only green light into a promising new career but  a huge step in the right direction for Damiano. "I wanted to give the listener an experience they could feel, I mean really feel.  I wanted to bring them with me on this journey emotionally, so I went super symphonic & and genre-less for the majority of the creative process. PURPPL is limitless. It's the sunrise of a new day & the arrival into a new world."  Damiano is creating an undeniable sound and style that will inevitably place her atop the throne of music royalty . Her unique lyrical style and distinguished melodic tones aid in making her the perfect embodiment of the evolution of artist. Damiano is the voice of a generation that sees art as a brand, creativity as freedom and luxury as a lifestyle.  #WEMOONWALKERZ

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